Govan Brown

the drake hotel


  Square Footage: 2,500
  Market Sector: Retail & Hospitality
  Architect/Designer: 3rd Uncle Design
  Electrical Engineer: Shields & Associates
  Mechanical Engineer: Unicorn Engineering
  Landlord: The Drake Hotel

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As a cultural landmark, The Drake Hotel is a beacon of Queen West’s resurgence as a neighborhood. When the owners decided to refurbish the establishment, it was consciously concluded that the renovations should reflect the mutually-dependant relationship between the hotel and the community. Govan Brown’s services were enlisted to modernize the historic site’s Raw Bar and both public and private dining rooms while still retaining the neighborhood’s essence. The Drake Hotel operates as a centre for art and culture in the neighborhood, so it was crucial that it remain opera-

tional for the duration of the project. Given the importance of the site’s cultural capital, Govan Brown effectively phased and fragmented the renovation schedule to avoid interfering with peak business days and hours. To reinforce The Drake Hotel’s claim as a cultural hub, Govan Brown, in partnership with the designers, installed a 20’ artist-designed mural and a custom wall-to-wall light box that featured a rotating exhibit of local photographers. It was prudent for Govan Brown to work closely with the owners  throughout  the  construction process in order to support The Drake

Hotel’s artistic importance as a restaurant, bar and gallery. The Drake Hotel’s unique combination of dining and nightlife has made it into one of Toronto’s most frequented hot-spots. The Drake’s reputation and communal importance to the people of that neighborhood and surrounding areas, typifies the clientele Govan Brown has the privilege of working with.