Govan Brown

govan brown


  Square Footage: 52,560
  Market Sector: Broadcasting & Entertainment
  Architect/Designer: Figure3
  Electrical Engineer: Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers
  Mechanical Engineer: Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers
  Landlord: 720 King Developments

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In 2000, when the Business Network News was known as ROBTV, Govan Brown was retained to upgrade their on-air studios. Since ROBTV had merged with the Thompson Corporation’s Globe Media Group, a renovation was required to ensure that the studios were suited to the overall aesthetic of the new owners.  Given that ROBTV had what was known as a “New York” style lease, which means a lack of virtually all base-building services, we  had  to  install   the majority of mechanical and elec-

trical systems within a tight timeframe and limited budget. The major work included in the project scope was primarily mechanical. New 40-ton air handling units were pre-ordered and delivered prior to the commencement of construction allowing for speedy installation when necessary. Additionally, all new lighting and HVAC systems also had to be installed within the tight fifteen-week schedule. Govan Brown has the distinct advantage of employing one of the best  value  engineering

teams  in  the industry so we  were able to adjust the client’s  extensive mechanical requirements prior to and during the tendering period to accommodate  their tight budget. Govan Brown’s was able to complete the project on time and within budget. By engaging all branches of our construction team, we ably sought and discovered unique solutions for the project’s complications.