Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 35,000
  Market Sector: Communications
  Architect/Designer: 4te Design
  Electrical Engineer: McKee Engineering
  Mechanical Engineer: McKee Engineering
  Landlord:Cadillac Fairview

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Headquartered in Ottawa, Open text is the Canadian leader in software and computer analyt-ics having provided support for clients around the world. After the lease for their old location expired, Open Text sought a new space. They settled on a LEED-certified heritage building located in Ottawa’s Byward tourist area. The premises spans across five floors and totals 35, 000 square feet. The project called for the fit-up of the vacant space into an area suitable for an internationally-traded company. The renovation for the Open Text offices was very comprehensive.  Included  in  the  work  was   an  IT room, open offices, lounge

area, kitchen, wash-rooms and showers. Design elements included in the renovation consisted of high-end millwork, glazing, glass office fronts, upgraded ceilings, light fixtures and LCD screens. The difficulty in the fit-out of this particular space however, lay in the lack of freight elevators. The heritage building only had two smaller elevators which were unreliable. It was necessary for our construction team to apply for multiple crane permits to bring the materials in from outside, which in terms of location, was difficult considering how congested the area often was. It was crucial  for  our  team to schedule and coordinate with

trades, cranes and project managers to ensure the safe and quick movement of resources into the building. Further delegation was required when the millwork proved to have issues but our communication with both trades and project consultants allowed us to resolve these issues quickly. Working within the boundaries of LEED and Heritage building limits can be challenging. When faced with adversity, Open Text’s exquisite project allowed us to display our full capacity of construction management abilities in this truly unique space.