Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 140,000
  Market Sector: Consultants
  Architect/Designer: BIH Design Consultants Inc.
  Electrical Engineer: MMM Group
  Mechanical Engineer: MMM Group
  Landlord: GWL: 100 CVDW Inc.

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The high profile engineering Consultant Company MMM group desired a new space in 2007. To ensure their new space was completed diligently, they retained Govan Brown to build out their 6 floors. The space was meant to house 650 employees and take up 140,000 square feet in total, 75% of that space being open office planning and 25% being closed office space.  In tune with desiring a modern aesthetic, the MMM group requested that the project maintained a LEED Gold status.  A  major  design element meant to improve

employee morale was to orient the windows, walls and partitions in a designated way to allow natural light to shine on most areas of the office. Further amenities include a cafeteria with a food preparation area and a new reception space. Complying with LEED requirements, the reception area was built with reclaimed wood. Scheduling was also a large factor in completing the project. As in most cases, polished concrete  posed  a  small  challenge,  but  with  regular site meetings occurring every week, our team was able

to navigate all obstacles. Further challenges were posed by the installation of a complex feature staircase. Yet, with all these amenities, we managed to complete the project within schedule. The client moved in on time, over 3 phases with 2 week intervals separating them.  It is always a privilege to work with a company as accomplished as the MMM group.