Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 16,886
  Market Sector:Legal
  Architect/Designer: Straticom
  Electrical Engineer:MBI
  Mechanical Engineer:ESA
  Landlord: 20 Vic

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Established in 1903, McMillan LLP has been branded as “America’s Canadian Law Firm.” Specializing in business law, McMillan has grown into an international firm with offices in the United States and Hong Kong. This past summer, the prestigious practice retained Govan Brown as their construction managers to build-out their new offices in Calgary’s Canada Trust Tower. McMillan’s office designers were heavily invested in the aesthetic atmosphere of the space. The stylistic intention of the designers was evident in the exquisitely calculated lay-out of the millwork, marble walls and black tinted glass.  Other work   included  in

the design of  the space consistedof drywall ceilings with linear diffusers and sound-absorbing acoustic ceiling panels, glass sliding doors and complex lighting systems. Our team was also responsible for obtaining other lead items such as the office’s Skyfold doors from Quebec. They are a unique feature because, unlike like traditional partitions, they descend and ascend from the ceiling, seamlessly folding into the ceiling’s surroundings.  We were also challenged to construct a new server room, complete with separate cooling systems,  all  within  14  weeks.  Because  of  our close relationship with sratacom,  our  lighting  consultants,

ensured that our Stextensive lighting systems’ package was delivered in a timely fashion and at a lower cost. Our  relationships with companies like Stratacom is an example  of Govan Brown’s advantageous purchasing power with vendors and trades. We were happy to have delivered a quality project to McMillan on time and within budget. Thanks to close partnership with our clients, we were able to execute this project to the very last detail.