Govan Brown

2583 29th STREET N.E., CALGARY, AB

  Square Footage: 58,000
  Market Sector: Consultant
  Architect/Designer: Figure3
  Electrical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Mechanical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Landlord: Brookfield Properties

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Beginning with a single home in Burlington, Ontario in 1978, Mattamy has since grown to become an international community-builder with offices across Canada and the United States. For their offices in Calgary, Mattamy retained Govan Brown to build-out a single storey space just outside the City’s downtown core. Involved in the scope of the Mattamy project were multiple aesthetic and mechanical design elements. The office contained open and closed office spaces, a kitchen, an exercise area, multiple meeting rooms and a reception area. The reception’s unique design involved a  circular  dry  wall ceiling that hung above

patrons in the office, the ceiling features were complemented by the circular desk adjacent to their position. The closed offices proudly display full-height glass partitions, complete with glass doors. These were difficult to insert because the unique circular ceiling feature needed to be completed prior to the glass installations. To combat this problem, the drywall was given full priority and expedited to meet appropriate deadlines. The open work stations on the other hand, required a large trench-cutting saw to cut open the floor and provide adequate electrical and cable to the individual spaces. However, the most impressive ele-

ment in the office is a centralized meeting room with transperent walls on all sides called the 'Fish Bowl.' The walls are wood-paneled with glass inserts which also feature bench seating that jut out from the wall. As mentioned before, included in the design was a full-purpose exercise room with corresponding washrooms and showers. Prior to outfitting the washrooms and shower facilities, our plumbers had to tap in to the existing lines. Afterwards, we refurbished both lavatories and provided the entire office with adequate plumbing.