Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 160,000 +
  Market Sector: Financial
  Architect/Designer: Straticom Planning Associates
  Electrical Engineer: Lapas Consulting Engineers Ltd.
  Mechanical Engineer: TMP Consulting Engineers Ltd.
  Landlord: Northam Realty Advisors Limited

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In the past ten years, Govan Brown and Fidelity Investments have worked together on numerous projects.  For this particular project, we were challenged to build three separate spaces simultaneously amounting to a total of 160,000 square feet. These three projects required an extensive amount of coordination between us, the client, the designers and trades. The first phase included a 90,000 square foot expansion of their existing computer room along with the addition of a new, adjacent computer room.  Powered by a rooftop generator, it was our main goal to ensure that

the existing computer room remained dust-free and the temperature was controlled. The sensitivity of the equipment stored in the computer room cannot be understat-ed; had the room been compromised, the project would have been considered a failure. After our initial area was completed, we moved-in a portion of the staff. We then set off to complete the remaining 70,000 square feet. For this space we designed a 24-hour construction schedule. The remaining floors were to be   supervised  by two site superintendents during the day and another superintendent at night. Our main goal for this

portion of the work was to complete the project on time without causing a disturbance to any of the staff or day-to-day operations of the company. Our ability to conduct complex construction projects is the reason why we are able to retain our clients. We are happy  to have continued partnerships with several of our clients including Fidelity Investments.