Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 12,000
  Market Sector:  Institutional/Government
  Architect/Designer: 4te Design
  Electrical Engineer: McKee Engineering
  Mechanical Engineer: McKee Engineering

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Following the expiration of their lease, Federa-tion of Canadian Municipalities decided to move to a LEED-friendly location situated in the heart of the Byward tourist area. The 12,000 square foot space, comprising of the 7th and 8th floors took roughly seven months to complete and involved many unique design elements. Prior to our fit-out, the Heritage building that would house FCM’s new space was recently reno-vated by the building’s landlord. The building, free of tenants, was updated to modern standards and FCM was  the  first new  occupant of  the  renovated  space. The importance of the  pre-construction  process  throughout this

project became evident when first encountering the building. Lack of freight elevators required the obtaining of crane permits. Meanwhile, the yielding process of finalizing the contract posed some scheduling issues. Despite these obstacles, our effective scheduling tactics enabled the client to move into their space without having to extend their current lease. Other notable accomplishments for this build-out include our proficiency in obeying LEED requirements. Much  of  the building materials were   recycled;  we   also ensured the use of low-emitting adhesives, sealants, paint and carpet systems and installed an energy-efficient

water-use reduction fixture. Beyond these notable functional details were the aesthetic design elements. A cushioned banquette and reclaimed-wood lobby greets guests upon their arrival. They are led through an elegant space of high-end millwork, glass-fronted offices, dynamic LCD screens and boardrooms. Presented with many challenges, Govan Brown identified them in the pre-construction phase and was able to circumvent them when confronted.