Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 18,000
  Market Sector: Retail & Hospitality
  Architect/Designer: AOA
  Electrical Engineer: MCW
  Mechanical Engineer: Aquila
  Landlord: Brookfield Properties

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After the successful completion of their second location in Edmonton, Cactus Club retained Govan Brown`s services again to manage the construction of their new space in Toronto. The high-end restaurant chain leased space in Toronto’s coveted First Canadian Place to be their new flagship restaurant comprising of three floors and 18,000 square feet. The goal of construction is to build a space that has a design and atmosphere unique to Cactus Club. Although construction has yet to commence, Govan Brown and the client have been in  pre-construction for over a year. The pre-construction phase is vital to the future success of this project. Our

team has collaborated on the design with the client and given a constructability review, design assessment and detailed value engineering report. In this phase we have determined the long-lead items and acknowledged potential project delays. We have also identified key design features, and for a project as extravagant as the Cactus Club flagship restaurant, there are many.  As mentioned before, the location will comprise of three-storeys. Stationed on the first floor is a street level lounge and looking over the lounge is a mezzanine dining room with a bar and feature washrooms. Atop of the  mezzanine will be arooftop

level patio complete with retractable roof allowing for three-season functionality. Furthermore, the rooftop area will be complete with a bar and lounge. As is expected with the build-out of restaurants, all new kitchen systems and appliances will have to be installed, including all new HVAC systems. Govan Brown is excited to start building this highly detailed project. We believe that our industry pedigree, working knowledge of Cactus Club spaces and ability to successfully complete high profile projects will combine well with Cactus Club’s design intentions.