Govan Brown

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  Square Footage: 9,560
  Market Sector:  Legal
  Architect/Designer: Frankland & Associate
  Electrical Engineer: Vaughan Byrnes Engineering
  Mechanical Engineer: Vaughan Byrnes Engineering
  Landlord: O & Y Enterprise Real Estate Services

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The law firm of Bennett Jones is one of the most powerful in Canada. Founded in 1922, the Calgary based practice has since expanded into the middle-east with offices in Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The firm’s reputation is further glorified by its employment of a former deputy Prime Minister, retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and two Canadian Ambassadors to the United States. Needless to say, when they retained Govan Brown to  be  their cons-truction managers for their expansion project in Toronto’s First Canadian Place,

we were thrilled. As mentioned before, Bennett Jones’ project called for the renovation of an entire floor atop of the partial floor they already occupied. Therefore included in the project scope was both renovation of the existing floor and the entire new floor.  The major element included was the interconnected staircase between the existing floor and the new floor. Satisfied  with our initial effort, Bennet Jones retained us the following year to do further work  on their offices. Included in  the  scope  of the second project was another staircase. Govan

Brown’s experience and professionalism is paramount to our success. We have been able to maintain a list of recurring client’s because of our dedication to detail and quality; we do not waver from our strict adherence to excellence. Bennett Jones was a great project for our firm and we were happy to have worked alongside them.