Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 2,000
  Market Sector: Institutional/Government
  Architect/Designer: Shore Tilbe Irwin
  Electrical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Mechanical Engineer: Crossey Engineering
  Landlord: Aurora Public Library

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Located just north of Toronto is the small town of Aurora. In 2007 they retained Govan Brown to renovate 2,000 square feet of the town’s public library space. It was the goal of our team to successfully renovate the space while allowing the library to remain operational. The project scope for the Aurora Library was very broad and included many areas. However, one of the most focused areas of renovation was the common area. Oriented in the centre of the library, the common area had to be  totally redone. The renovation included trans-

forming the middle section of the space into a “living room” and creating a more comforting atmosphere. The aesthetic of the space was complemented by creative use of millwork which was used to create special book storage. Much attention was also paid to building new computer research terminals and laying all new carpet throughout the space. Construction for this project, given its occupancy, was done almost  exclusively  at  night. The careful foresight  of our  team  ensured  that  work was completed in a safe and

productive fashion without disturbing or harming the library’s patrons. Given the tight six-week timeline, it was quite an accomplishment to finish this project within the allotted schedule. The strong partnership between the client and Govan Brown ensured a steady flow of information and communication allowing us to complete the project without incident.