Govan Brown

govan brown case study adidas  


  Square Footage: 10,900
  Market Sector: Retail & Hospitality
  Architect/Designer: Hariri Pontarini Architects
  Electrical Engineer: The ECE Group Ltd.
  Mechanical Engineer: The ECE Group Ltd.
  Mechanical Engineer: Penequity Management Corporation

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Located on the north-west corner of the most extravagant intersection in Toronto, at Yonge and Dundas, the new Adidas flagship store required a distinctive fit-out, capable of flourishing in an area of commercial radiance. To distinguish itself from fellow Dundas Square competitors, Adidas enlisted the services of Govan Brown to design and construct specific features that were unique to their location. Aside from succeeding in a setting of consistent pedestrian congestion, our construction managers were able to transform the 10, 900 square foot space into the at-

hletic vision our client desired. Among the largest scale elements built into the Adidas store, was an internal pedestrian bridge. A prominent display of originality, the bridge was built to promote easy access between the neighboring theatre and the store. Further ingenuity is evident in the custom dumbwaiters installed for effortless transferring of products between storage and the store’s floor. These examples of functional design allow the store to operate effectively; crucial given the number of daily customers. Aesthetically, the  space  doesn't  waiver   from

the  inherit  theme  of sports and recreation, unmistakably discernible by barbell product bars and stadium-angled flooring. Additionally, the custom-made and installed staircase with imported glass balustrade reflects the grandiose position Adidas enjoys in the realm of sports retail. Size and status of Adidas in both the world of sports and clothing was paramount in the design of their flagship store. It was Govan Brown’s objective to construct a space that would reflect the prominence of our client, their quality and loyalty to their customers.