Govan Brown


333 Queen STREET west, TORONTO, ON

  Square Footage: 11,210
  Market Sector: Retail and Hospitality
  Architect/Designer: Design Dialog
  Electrical Engineer: CADA & Associates Consulting Ltd
  Mechanical Engineer: CADA & Associates Consulting Ltd
  Landlord: Beverly Pacific

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Established in British Columbia, Yyoga sought to develop a presence in eastern Canada and decided to set up a studio in downtown Toronto.  Located at 333 Queen Street in the fashion district of the city, Yyoga’s new space was built to be the yoga mecca of Hogtown.  After being retained by Yyoga, our Govan Brown team set upon an aggressive schedule and faced many challenges building at a site in an extremely congested area of the city.  With that in mind, our team developed strategies to mitigate the difficulty presented to us by our situation.  One of these strategies was pumping concrete from the back alley rather than from the front

on  a busy street. Since we had  to infill a concrete slab near the entrance of the studio, it was decided that it would be less problematic to bring the concrete from the rear, avoiding problems arising from a traffic block on Queen Street.  Another example is evident in the hoisting of multiple RTU’s.  To avoid congestion, our team arranged for the hoisting to be done early on a Saturday morning when traffic was minimized.  The RTU’s were required to power the new HVAC system that was installed for the location.  The extensive HVAC system was necessary considering the mechanical scope of the project. Humidifiers were required for the

hot yoga studio, normal studio and spin room; new plumbing for the sauna, washrooms and showers.  Impressively, a program was installed that allows the temperature of the studios to be controlled from the Yyoga headquarters in B.C.  Other elements include the large mezzanine built with a glass balustrade; a feature staircase complemented by bamboo cladding; a handicap lift; staff lounge, kitchen and offices.  The highly equipped Yyoga studio is perfect for the fitness guru and was built to accommodate those on the go in the downtown core.