Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 120,000 +
  Market Sector: Industrial/Manufacturing
  Architect/Designer: Smith Grimley Harris/IBI Group/B+H Design
  Electrical Engineer: Trinh Engineering/Ehvert Engineering
  Mechanical Engineer: Trinh Engineering
  Landlord: Manulife Financial

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In the past 15 years, Govan Brown has completed many of Xerox’s construction projects. Our partnership has been solidified by our consistent quality and positive communication between both parties. In total we have completed over 120,000 square feet of interiors for the prestigious company for over a dozen projects. Our first project for Xerox was a complete reno-vation of their Toronto headquarters. They wanted to transform their

existing traditional layout into a more productive and open environment. Since that initial project, many of Xerox’s subsequent spaces have followed similar design formulas. We have been heavily involved in several projects that required new space planning, lighting, carpet, millwork, new air conditioning systems, new and reconfigured computer rooms and entire electrical and mechanical systems. We have participated in projects

that were considered restacks and rebranding efforts as well as renovating Xerox sales offices, demonstration facilities, copy centres and research labs across the country. Considering our large body of work and partnership, it is no surprise that we have become Xerox’s preferred vendor. Our commitment and dedication to each project site, ensures our continued success with repeat clients like Xerox.