Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 25,000
  Market Sector: Real Estate
  Electrical Engineer: Mulvey & Banani
  Mechanical Engineer: TMP Consulting Engineers
  Landlord: Wittington Properties Ltd.

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The Wittington tower, located at 22 St. Clair Ave. East, presented our team with very specific and unusual challenges. The project, which consisted mainly of replacing and installing large mechanical apparatuses, was complicated by an unusual foe in the form of intrepid weather. In the winter of 2006, Govan Brown was given the task of replacing Wittington tower’s chillers and cooling towers. This endeavour, difficult even during the most pleasant conditions, was habitually delayed by the uncertainty of January weather. The operation required the procurement of a large crane lift; however  we  desired  not to operate

the crane in less than ideal conditions as it may have posed a safety risk to both tenants and workers. Despite the erratic weather, our team was able to install the chillers and cooling towers without jeopardizing anyone’s safety. The main goal of this project was to complete the necessary objectives with little disturbance to tenants and staff. To accomplish this goal, most of the work was done on weekends to avoid disrupting the heating and cooling systems in the building. We were able to complete this project without compromising any of the buildings existing systems. Our  successes  at  Wittington tower are attributed, in

large part, to our ability to coordinate with trades, security, client and designer and as a result, our construction team was able to complete the project on schedule. Beyond our desire to deliver a well-executed project, is our essential need to maintain a safe construction site. Understanding the circumstanc-es of working in an occupied space, Govan Brown took great care in ensuring that those without project involvement were barred from being on site. Our commitment to safety is paramount and as a result we ensure the protection of all parties involved.