Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 6,082
  Market Sector: Institutional
  Architect/Designer: Ground Effect Aerodome Consulting Ltd.

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Located an hour north of Edmonton is the Westlock Healthcare Centre in the town of Westlock, Alberta. In the summer of 2015, Govan Brown was retained by Alberta Health Services to build a new heliport on the hospital premises. The heliport services incoming and outgoing patients who arrive from remote sites and other hospitals by helicopter. It was of the utmost importance that all of the hospital's protocols and procedures were followed and that all regulations were acknowledged during  the  construction of this critical

emergency causeway. Edmonton is North America's most northern city with over a million inhabitants, it was crucial that the Heliport had all-season functionality. Prior to construction, our team excavated the site and compacted the dirt and gravel, and asphalted the ground area where the heliport would be located. All of this was done while the Hospital and surrounding areas were occupied and operational, so it was imperative that our team remained aware of noise and debris. The pad itself is heated with glycol loops to ensure its use in

the winter. To support the heating system, a free  standing  mechanical the pad to monitor and house the boiler lines and necessary mechanical systems. Our team was also tasked with erecting all the regulatory signage and wayfinding lighting for the heliport. There are very strict guidelines for light placement, water drainage and painting for heliports and thus, it was crucial that our team remain observant of all regulatory details throughout the final stages of the project.