Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 6,500
  Market Sector: Industrial/Manufacturing
  Architect/Designer: John Shuki Lau
  Electrical Engineer: Vaughan Byrne Engineering
  Mechanical Engineer: Vaughan Byrne Engineering
  Landlord: Oxford Properties

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Western Goldfields has established itself as a gold mining powerhouse. In 2008, due to the growth in their workforce, Western Goldfields decided to move their corporate offices  to the prestigious Royal Bank Plaza located in the Finan-cial District. The goal of the build-out was to create a space that conveyed the high-profile nature of Western Goldfields’ industry.  To  accomplish the  intended  goal  of the build-out, it was

necessary to diligently collaborate with the designers. It was decided that the best aesthetics for the Goldfields’ office would be to incorporate an extensive amount of millwork. The high-end design would be further complemented by the installation of a new ceiling which was extremely functional as it incorporated elaborate noise cancelling solutions that were far more effective than traditional acoustical ceilings. The

Western Goldfields renovation was a project that highlighted Govan Brown’s knowledge of the latest technology and materials. Our ability to incorporate noise-cancelling technology while maintaining a continued arresting aestheticism throughout the space is a faculty that we pride ourselves on being able to accomplish.