Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 67,000
  Market Sector: Legal
  Architect/Designer: IBI
  Electrical Engineer: Mulvey & Banani
  Mechanical Engineer: The Mitchell Partnership
  Landlord: Cadillac Fairview

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The highly focused WeirFoulds space completed in downtown Toronto’s TD Centre was a project that relied heavily on the collaboration of the Govan Brown team and all other project stakeholders.  Our positive relationship with the landlord, Cadillac Fairview, was a distinct advantage for this tree-floor build-out.  The large 67,000 square foot project began after an extensive pre-construction phase.  It was determined that prior to construction start date, the WeirFoulds

space would be loaded with all necessary drywall and stud.  The scope of the project was extensive and the team that we selected for the project was perfectly equipped for WeirFoulds’ needs.  Our project manager and site supervisor were the ideal team to oversee the construction of WeirFoulds’ conference centre, server room, library, business centre and records management area.  Furthermore, the intricate law office was built-out to LEED CI standards; another accomplishment that

Govan Brown holds in high regard.  The success of the WeirFoulds space depended upon our ability to coordinate efficiently with trades and the client.   The size of scope, given the small space, made for a very crowded site.  Our team capably organized and evenly distributed work flow, allowing the project to progress efficiently.