Govan Brown

 70 MOwat avenue, TORONTO, ON

  Square Footage: 24,500
  Market Sector: Communications/Media
  Architect/Designer: The Design Agency
  Electrical Engineer: Nemetz (S/A) & Associates
  Mechanical Engineer: Nemetz (S/A) & Associates

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Govan Brown recently partnered with media giant Vice to construct a unique space that would suit of all the requirements of the multi-media organization while also being an office of superb design. Situated in downtown Toronto’s West-end, Vice’s new residence is a capacious brick beam factory building that has been converted into an open collaborative area and is conveniently located adjacent to their old space. Comprised of 24,500 square feet, the location is the headquarters of Vice Canada as the organization plans to expand its operations into new media territories. As


such, the  space  was  built  with  a  recording studio, screening room, voice-over booth and 21 editing suites that surround a grand editing suite to handle all audio and visual recording needs. Furthermore, all electrical outlets – work areas, conference areas and media rooms - are fed by a walker duct system that runs below the cement floor and feeds cat-6 cable to each outlet allowing for a truly open work space free of cables. The trendy space is also supported by employee-centric areas such as the on-site bar (with walnut and stainless steel finishes) and kitchen in which they also film some


culinary programs. The finishes, akin to the rustic ambiance of the brick and beam base-building, are primarily stripped down with exposed duct work on the ceiling, cement flooring, suspended lighting, dark wood finishes, accented drywall ceilings, and island conference rooms in the middle of the space. The kitchen, meanwhile, maintains this aesthetic with an added checkered floor and mesh wall cover, wood bar and bench, and stainless steel appliances.