Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 40,000
  Market Sector: Institutional/Government
  Architect/Designer: FORT Architects
  Electrical Engineer: LKM
  Mechanical Engineer: LKM
  Landlord: Victoria University

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In June 2007, Govan Brown was awarded the task of renovating the Lillian Massey Heritage building on the corner of Queens Park and Bloor Street. The building is the current home of the University of Toronto’s Department of Classics and Medieval Sciences. They required construction of six new classrooms, a library and an assembly hall, all within the shell of an occupied building originally constructed in 1906. Construction within the occupied, 40,000 square foot heritage  building presented our team with many

challenges. Our dexterity was proven when we were required to employ alternate construction methods when faced with asbestos in the original ceiling. We were able to complete the phase and managed to avoid unsafe contact with the sub-stance. We were also able to complete the project given the strict schedule and tight budget. Thanks to our team’s innovative value engineering and our communication with both client and consultants,  we were not only able to stay under budget but also save our client $200,000. The Lillian

Massey Building is an example of Govan Brown’s importance in the pre-construction phase of a project. The value engineering and scheduling done by our team from the outset of the project was paramount in completing this project in the latter phases of construction. Our team was happy to construct a space for the continuing education of students in Toronto.