Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 40,000
  Market Sector: Institutional/Government
  Architect/Designer: Kearns Mancini Architects
  Electrical Engineer: MCW Consultants
  Mechanical Engineer: MCW Consultants
  Landlord: University of Toronto

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The University of Toronto, Mississauga campus is one of the fastest growing academic institutions in Ontario. To accommodate the large influx of stu-dents it was necessary for the campus to renovate a few of its facilities. In 2008, Govan Brown was retained to renovate the existing 3rd floor of the south building. The entire renovation would cover a total 40,000 square foot area and follow LEED Silver certification standards. The major obstacle in building the space

was combining the LEED standards with design intentions. Govan Brown was involved in both the design and budgeting stages in order to properly coordinate the meshing of LEED and design elements. In order to bring in natural light into the office during the day time 12 large skylights were installed into the roof. To maintain LEED standards, daylight light fixtures that control the amount of light being emitted were installed. Another energy efficient solution was

the installation of an advanced HVAC system that was equipped with temperature control. Govan Brown has had the privilege of working on several projects for the University of Toronto. It is important to us to ensure the continued education of Canadians and we are happy to build  facilities that are dedicated to higher learning.