Govan Brown

 toronto hydro program
 various locations (25+) In toronto

  Square Footage: 1,000,000 +
  Market Sector: Institutional Government
  Architect/Designer: Bennett Design Associates
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Toronto Hydro engaged Govan Brown as its construction manager to complete an office and facility consolidation program across its real estate portfolio. This large scale program includes large office & marshalling facilities, data centers, control centres, fleet storage & maintenance facilities, transformer stations and other Toronto Hydro facilities. A Govan Brown Program Manager has been assigned along with a number of Govan Brown Project Managers, Site Supervisors and coordinators in order to manage the volume of concurrent projects. Some projects are  in occupied facilities and require night/weekend  work,

some projects are in active transformer stations that require significant site specific safety protocols, others are stand-alone renovations with significant base-building structural modification and interior fit-out work. The assembled team is a dynamic group who have demonstrated an ability to manage projects with diverse challenges and site conditions along with maintaining the evolving needs of a demanding client. The program requires a high level of financial organization to accommodate the client's unique financial accrual protocols and requires many small individual projects to be managed and billed separ-

ately. The Govan Brown program team worked closely with the Govan Brown cost engineering team to develop a tailor-made invoicing practice that has effectively organized all program billings while conforming to all client requirements. The program is ongoing today and has been a showcase of how Govan Brown can manage and organize a program of concurrent work successfully as Govan Brown has met all schedule timelines and achieved all budget requirements