Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 59,250
  Market Sector: Communications
  Architect/Designer: Straticom
  Electrical Engineer: Mulvey & Banani
  Mechanical Engineer: The Mitchell Partnership
  Landlord: Brookfield Properties

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Since the tower’s completion, no other compa-ny has completed as many build-outs in the Bay-Adelaide Centre as Govan Brown.  In 2010, the multi-national media firm retained Govan Brown‘s services to fit-out their three floors within the prestigious tower. The newly leased space was to be a centralized location that consolidated of all their satellite offices into one. The space would end up occupying 59,250 square feet and included all the amenities of a world class office. What was extraordinary in this space, was the three-level feature staircase. The staircase, which ascends through floors 3-5  of  the  tower, connect the entire Thomson

Reuters’ space. While the main amenities such as, reception area, meeting rooms, board rooms, staff kitchen, computer room, IT server room and broadcast studio had all been built while unoccupied, the feature staircase was constructed after the client had moved in.  As a result of having a very tight swing space, construction staging space was very limited which prevented the trades from being able to build the staircase on site. Subsequently, the majority of the work was completed in workshops and installed on site. Other arresting features are  evident  in  the aesthetically-driven millwork, glass office fronts, upgraded high-end

lighting fixtures and an LCD TV in the reception area. The work was divided into five phases, each with separate tendering for time efficiency and we ensured that all long-lead and pre-ordered items were ordered with ample time for delivery. The Thomson Reuters project highlighted our ability to organize and delegate while under tight restraints. We were happy to deliver a world class space to suit the needs of such an esteemed client who after the successful completion of this project, acquired our services again in 2011.