Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 36,000
  Market Sector: Communications
  Architect/Designer: Straticom
  Electrical Engineer: MMM Group
  Mechanical Engineer: MMM Group
  Landlord: Standard Life

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In 2011, Govan Brown was retained for a back-to-base project for a repeat-client, Thomson Reuters. The entire project consisted of 36,000 square feet and three floors (ground floor, 20 and 21). The goal of the project was to return the space back to its original form prior to the client’s move-in. The goal of any back-to-base project is to return a space back to base building conditions and

stripped of all its amenities. For the Thomson Reuters project, it was necessary to remove the existing staircase that connected the 20th and 21st floors. More work had to be completed in the IT room. The entire room and all of its equipment had to be stripped carefully in order to properly preserve the expensive technology. Although Govan Brown is a construction

management firm that deals primarily in interiors, we are not strangers to back-to-base projects. Our efficiency in all situations was shown when the Thomson Reuters back-to-base project was completed two weeks prior to the deadline. We were proud to deliver not only a quality project, but one which was promptly completed.