Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 3,300
  Market Sector: Retail & Hospitality
  Architect/Designer: Daniel L. Tessarolo
  Electrical Engineer: Cognidyn Engineering & Design
  Mechanical Engineer: Cognidyn Engineering & Design
  Landlord: Camerlain

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Located in Ottawa’s Bayshore Shopping Centre, The Gap sought the services of Govan Brown to expand their space in order to accommodate a new Baby Gap and Baby Gap Kids section. The client desired an updated look for the store and requested specific design elements to achieve this goal. Although the client was based in the United States and their project managers were located in Montreal, we were able to achieve their goals within the tight deadline allotted to us. As previously mentioned, communication  was vital to the success of this project,  not  only with the client

and project managers but also with mall se-curity. Upon discovering that a previously available second floor access ramp had been removed, we were required to coordinate with mall security and deliver 900lbs of glass via crane to the second floor where it awaited installation. Further complexities included certain client-supplied materials that had to be stored at an offsite warehouse. These materi-als needed to be specially arranged and delivered in coordination with mall security. Design elements included new retail displays high-end millwork, glazing, glass  store  fronts, upgraded

ceilings and LCD screens for signage. Thanks to our ability to effectively schedule and organize extenuating circumstances, we were able to complete the project for the schedule date in October of 2012. Govan Brown was happy to complete a project for an esteemed client like The Gap. We pride ourselves in working with the best organizations in North America and are happy to have executed their project to their exact specifications.