Govan Brown

 TekNion SHowroom

  Square Footage: 10,750
  Market Sector: Manufacturer
  Architect/Designer: Vanderbyl Designs
  Electrical Engineer: Integral Group Inc.

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Located in one of Toronto’s most modern business buildings, the Bremner Tower is Teknion's newest office and showroom. The space, built on  the 20th floor, is comprised of 10,750 square feet and provides its clients and employees a beautiful panoramic view of the south core of Toronto and Lake Ontario. Teknion's space was an interesting opportunity as we have had the privi-


lege to work with their product in the past, and the new office allowed us to become familiarized with their   latest line of partitions - most of which had never been installed in Canada prior to this project. The partitions and light fixtures that were supplied for this project were outfitted with a large amount of sophisticated electrical connectivity, requiring a special deliberation on our


part and the part of  the trades installing them. The space was also designed to be all white for an ultra-modern aesthetic. For our sustainable construction practices on this project, our team and the space accomplished LEED Gold certification.