Govan Brown



  Square Footage: Various
  Market Sector: Financial

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Govan Brown was at the helm of a large renovation program occurring at many TD branches in Western Canada. The program was focused on rebranding over 15 TD locations in 3 provinces. To accomplish this feat, our highly organized team orchestrated a rigorous schedule in which we completed theses various renovations after hours. Although the estimated project length for most locations was one week, we surprised our clients by often completing the work in a single evening. The scope for  the program consisted of repla-

cing the signage at all the branches and remediating the cosmetic finishes that surround those areas. Drywall remediation, signage and electrical requirements for the signs had to be organized with trades and project managers prior to their presence on-site; often well ahead of time due to the location of the project being Manitoba or Alberta while the program was being run from Vancouver. In addition to completing the project swiftly, it was paramount to  the  overall success of the individual projects that the sites remain clean for the

daily operations of the branch. While some locations were completed faster than others, no hindrances or delays were reported by any of the branches in regard to our work. The combined efforts of our team and our trades made the program an outstanding success. The rapid completion of these various locations, in concert with other TD projects, has made us one of the financial institution's most trusted construction partners.