Govan Brown


 371 Gough road, markham, ON

  Square Footage: 10,000
  Market Sector: Technology
  Architect/Designer: Structure Tone Inc
  Electrical Engineer: EXP
  Landlord: DLR

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In 2014, Softlayer Technologies retained Govan Brown to complete the build-out of their Markham data centre just north of Toronto.  Softlayer, an IBM company since 2013, was established in 2005 and has since been a dedicated server, hosting manager and cloud computing provider for clients across North America.  The 10,000 square foot data centre was aggressively scheduled to be completed in a short two-month span.  Divided into two phases, the project pace was dictated by the progress of base building construction which was occurring concurrently.  The Softlayer Technologies space was divided into two phases, each roughly taking

four weeks to complete.  The first of the two phases was completed in conjunction with base building construction; our work however, was completed in the evenings as to not disrupt the progress of the base builders.  In that initial phase we managed to install 100 electronic equipment casings or ‘racks’ and 10 remote power panels (RPPs).  The second phase, consisting of another four-week span, was completed during the day as base building construction had been completed.  During this portion of work, another 98 racks were installed as were another 10 RPPs, totalling over 198 racks and 20 RPPs for the facility. The sophi-

sticated equipment had been ordered will in advance by our project partners, Structure Tone.  Govan Brown has garnered a positive reputation for our ability to build-out complex spaces.  Our consistent participation in cutting-edge projects has given our teams invaluable experience dealing with some of the world’s most sophisticated technological equipment.  As such, we bring our expertise to every project we encounter and our diligence is consistently on display.