Govan Brown

  SImons square one
 101 City centre drive, mississauga, On

  Square Footage: 110,000
  Market Sector: Retail
  Architect/Designer: Lemay Michaud Architects
  Electrical Engineer: WSP Canada Inc.
  Mechanical Engineer: WSP Canada Inc.

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The Simons Space in Square One is the  second Simons space completed by Govan Brown in Canada and the 1st in Ontario. This large 110,000 square foot space occupies two floors and is connected by a high-end feature staircase that is flanked by a brilliantly illuminated feature wall in the middle of the store. The store is replete with eye-catching design features including a second illuminated feature wall that is suspended from the ceiling, an Icone wall with 3-dimensional art fixtures, multi-coloured deer heads,


porta-potties, graffiti paintings on DJAB walls and the Raincity Robot, a 3.2 meter tall fibreglass sculpture by artist Brendan Tang and imported all the  way from Vancouver. The finishes for the different departments are quite diverse and many were custom made. The floors on the other hand were a mix between 24"x24" porcelain  tile,  carpet  and vinyl flooring. This Simons location is also supported by a local eatery known as the Eve Cafe for an all-around  shopping  experience.  For this project to be a success, it was vital for our team



to keep in close contact with both the client and the building owner. Collaboration was especially crucial  when  scheduling  deliveries  as the loading bay was not accessible during con- struction and the deliveries had to be made prior to mall opening to avoid disturbing the operations of other tenants and their shoppers. Fortunately we mitigated scheduling obstacles and were able to deliver the space on budget and on time; the result is a store whose design is as eye  catching as the products.