Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 102,000
  Market Sector: Retail
  Architect/Designer: Lemay Michaud
  Electrical Engineer: TMP Consulting Engineers
  Mechanical Engineer: Mulvey & Banani

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Vancouver's Simons project is the first to be tackled in a series of newly built stores for the retailer. Govan Brown has partnered with the Quebec-based company to deliver four of their proposed location with the Park Royal location being the first to be built outside of Quebec. The Simons' space in the Park Royal Shopping Centre occupies 102,000 square feet and 2 floors in a wing adjacent to the main facility. From the beginning, our construction team has worked closely with base-building operations to ensure a seamless

flow of materials and personnel. This relationship is crucial as our team and sub-trades need access to all areas as the fit-out requires work to both the interior and exterior. The goal is to create a uniform aesthetic throughout the store and its facade. Simons has been inventive in their finishes with every store built being unique to the geographic area in which it's located. For Park Royal, the theme is steeped in Squamish First Nations Art. To complement the design intention, the majority of the retail displays are influenced by a

formal art gallery and museum presentation style and the tiles are large 32" X 32" pieces of stone. Meanwhile, the exterior has a large eagle carved into the granite facade. Govan Brown and Simons have maintained a positive relationship throughout the project process and have used the Park Royal spaces as a template for the Calgary project that is currently underway.