Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 10,000
  Market Sector: Broadasting & Entertainment
  Architect/Designer: GW Architects Inc.
  Electrical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Mechanical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Landlord: Colliers International

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Shaw Media, one of Canada’s largest commu-nications companies, retained Govan Brown in 2012 to be the construction managers for the unoccupied renovation of their space. The media conglomerate, which owns and operates a variety of widely viewed television channels, sought to renovate in order to create new space for their IT and facilities team. Located on the 11th floor of 121 Bloor Street East, the Shaw Media facility is an ideal

location for any organization. The unoccupied 10,000 square foot space warranted the construction of a new reception area, open offices, open workstations, private offices and a staff kitchen. Furthermore, new HVAC systems were installed to condition the IT and LAN rooms. Govan Brown ensured that all long lead items were pre-ordered  to  confirm that they would be delivered with ample time to accommodate the 8-week

construction schedule. Shaw’s new offices were completed in time for their move-in. Govan Brown is fortunate to be able to work with Canadian clients like Shaw Media who deliver entertainment and news to over 25 million Canadian viewers weekly.