Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 275,000
  Market Sector: Retail & Hospitality
  Architect/Designer: Sweeney Dale Interior Design Inc.
  Electrical Engineer: Ellard Wilson Engineering Ltd.
  Mechanical Engineer: Ellard Wilson Engineering Ltd.
  Landlord: GWL: Cadillac Fairview

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In 2008, Sears sought to relocate their Toronto head-quarters to their multi-leveled store in the Eaton Centre. Previously located on Jarvis Street, the new space for Sears’ head office would occupy the top two floors of the massive six leveled store. The build-out of this 275,000 square foot space would be dedicated mostly to office space while also concentrating manpower on retail areas of  the   existing  shopping  space.  The  main  goal  of this project was for our team

to be cost-effective in utilizing existing space. The store was to remain operational throughout construction, therefore it was crucial to move material and workers throughout the store without causing any disruption to customers. Another challenging aspect of the project was the installa-tion of all new raised flooring, particularly daunting considering the difficult tendering that had  to  be  incorporated into the schedule. Effective scheduling and phasing was crucial to the

success of the project. Temporary partitions erected in areas of the operational store prevented noise and dust mitigation into retail areas. Site supervision and continued communication with both trades and the client were fundamental in ensuring the continued satisfaction of all parties involved.