Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 6,458
  Market Sector: Investments
Architect: KBH Interior Design Inc.
ME: Smith & Andersen
  EE: Smith & Andersen
  Landlord: Kevric Real Estate Corportation

In 2015, SAP retained Govan Brown to complete an interior renovation of their existing Scarborough offices. The goal of the project was to refresh and update the aesthetic of the space to suit modern sensibilities. The challenge, however, was to complete the project while the space was occupied. Of the approximately 46,000 square feet that comprises the office, we were tasked with renovating 6,458 square feet over 2 floors. To do

so, without disturbing the operations of the staff, we employed an afterhours construction schedule where we only completed work while the office was empty. Furthermore, we phased our work to ensure only a single selected area of focus was addressed at one time while the other spaces remained free of all construction equipment and debris. Included in our scope was a carpet replacement, fresh application of paint, the

transformation of an old data lab into a work lounge (complete with pool table), replacement of old office fronts, installation of new offices and the creation of new meeting rooms. Thanks to proactive collaboration, we managed to complete this project without disturbing the offices day-to-day operations.