Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 69,000
  Market Sector: Technology
  Architect/Designer: Emberley & Associates
  Electrical Engineer: E.A Rae & Associates
  Mechanical Engineer: The Mitchell Partnership
  Landlord: Cadillac Fairview Corporation

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In 1997, internationally recognized computer software company, SAP, was looking to build-out a space for their Toronto headquarters. Located in the city’s North York neighborhood, SAP’s space occupies the 2nd and 6th floor of a business plaza and occupies a total area of 69,000 square feet. Given SAP’s industry, many amenities were inte-grated to allow the space to be as accommodating as necessary. SAP’s reputation as a software consultant to a large number of companies necessitated the  construction of an extensive

amount of customer training facilities. Presentation rooms, call centres and software training areas were all included in the design to ensure the most effective customer service could be provided to SAP clients. As for SAP employees, break and cafeteria areas were constructed as well as open workstations and closed offices. Furthermore, to accommodate the massive computer rooms, customized cooling systems were installed. Other work included implementing design  features  that  aided  in sound attenuation in  the call centre, preventing

sound from penetrating other areas of the office. Despite the accelerated schedule, we were able to complete the project on time and within budget. For a company as specialized as SAP, it was vitally necessary to ensure a design that accommodated their custom needs. Govan Brown encourages the involvement of our clients in the construction process to ensure that their needs are met and the resulting project meets their expectations.