Govan Brown


 sanofi synthelabo
 15 allstate parkway, markham, ON

  Market Sector: Consultants
  Architect/Designer: Inger Bartlett
  Electrical Engineer: Mulvey & Banani
  Mechanical Engineer: The Mitchel Partnership
  Landlord: GWL Realty

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The Sanofi Synthelabo project began in January of 2004 after a productive two-month long pre-construction process.  The goal of the project was to complete an office renovation while the space was occupied.  During construction, our team was tasked with coordinating the relocation of staff.  While staff was temporarily displaced, construction would be focused to the area where staff was no longer located. We also

avoided disturbing the daily operations of the office by completing the majority of the work in the evenings and on weekends.  Along with the build-out of occupied space, our team was tasked with installing an interconnecting staircase between the floors that Sanofi occupied.  Due to the size of the staircase, it had to be disassembled and hoisted in through the office’s windows, maneuvered through the space and finally

positioned in the desired area.  A large hoarding area was erected around the internal staircase to avoid further disturbing the client.  Sanofi was pleased with the results of the project.  We were able to value engineer for our client, extending the capacity of their budget and completing the project to their specifications.