Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 700
  Market Sector: Institutional
  Architect/Designer: AHS Consulting

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The Royal Alexandra Hospital Mental Health Family Room was a very special project that our Edmonton had the pleasure to work on during the winter of 2014-2015. Located in the Child Mental Health Ward of the hospital, the family room was renovated to be more welcoming to the ward's patients and their families. The project took place while the hospital was fully operational requiring our team to pay special attention to noise and debris. This diligence was esp-

ecially important during the initial demolition phase. During the gutting of the existing room, our team erected hoarding to keep dust and debris from infiltrating the rest of the ward. With the room now an empty shell, the team went to work installing electrical and mechanical systems, lighting, flooring and millwork. However, the most special element of the room was the finishes: the entire space was outfitted by  sponsors,  The  Edmonton  Oilers. The room was hock-

ey themed with the floor designed to look like an ice rink and the millwork was finished in Oiler colours. Edmonton is known as the City of Champions because of the population's passion for hockey. That love flows through to the kids of the city and we were happy to deliver a space that the hospital's children would enjoy.