Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 148,000
  Market Sector: Retail
  Architect/Designer: Intercede Faciliy Management Limited
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Located in a large space in Scarborough is the Royal Specialty Sales office and warehouse. In 2012, Govan Brown was retained by the souvenir and festive clothing supplier to renovate 148,000 square feet worth of space into a dual purpose storage facility and business place. Included in the very large scope were renovations and complete build-outs of many different areas, mainly those pertaining to the business  facet of  Royal  Specialty Sales. Our team constructed new board-

rooms, meeting rooms and offices for the staff and an entirely new showroom to display the company's products. Amenities were also considered and new bathrooms and staff areas were built into the design. Especially important were renovations to the large warehouse which at any point in time houses more than 5,000 different items depending on the season. The Royal Specialty Sales project gave our team the rare opportunity to perform construction on two different

types of space simultaneously: a commercial office and an industrial warehouse. In successfully completing this project, our team was able to display our efficiency in both sectors and our ability to multi-task while keeping the project on schedule and on budget.