Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 250,000
  Market Sector: Broadcasting & Entertainment
  Architect/Designer: Intercede Design
  Electrical Engineer: HidI Rae Consulting Engineers
  Mechanical Engineer: HidI Rae Consulting Engineers

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In 1998, Rogers contracted Govan Brown to renovate and repurpose two of their industrial buildings in North Toronto.  The combined space of both buildings amounted to over 250,000 square feet and required the conversion of space from that of an industrial building to an office setting.  The extensive scope of this project required that Govan Brown complete the area in multiple phases. Located at 855 and 857 York Mills, the two former industrial buildings had completely different construction requirements.  At the 855 location, there had already existed an office and part of our work was to renovate and re-structure this space.  While  we renovated this  area, we concurrently converted the

existing loading bays and storage facilities to a call centre, complete with new clerestory glazing, new structural supports and new HVAC systems.  Since the project was phased, we managed to stage the staff in construction-free areas and return them to the newly renovated space when the finished spaces became available.  New skylights were installed to allow the emission of much needed natural light to the large floor plate. The 857 site was also used to accommodate the office.  The front two-storey section consisting of approximately 20,000 square feet was demolished and rebuilt to  accommodate  the  call  centre. New structural floor bracing, fire separations,

lighting systems and washrooms were implemented to meet the code.  Meanwhile, the ‘back office’ area and warehouse, consisting of approximately 120,000 square feet, required extensive demolition, structural roof framing for the new rooftop HVAC units and security systems. The York Mills Rogers project was a large undertaking that required the contribution of all project stakeholders. Through collaboration and teamwork, we were able to deliver the spaces that the client desired on time and on budget.