Govan Brown

 Rogers Sharespace calgary
 500 4th avenue sw, calgary, ab

  Square Footage: 21,000
  Market Sector: Communications
  Architect/Designer: HOK

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As a part of the new Sharespace national program, Govan Brown was tasked with completing a large space for Rogers’ offices in Calgary. Prior to beginning the renovation however, Govan Brown was tasked with decommissioning the existing offices. The decommissioning effort included disconnecting and  removing  a  commercial grade radio antenna and a 5 ton generator and re-commissioning them for use by a 3rd party. After the initial portion of work came the tenant improve- ment aspect of the project which was to


update and refresh the office to be in line with the latest Rogers aesthetic. The 2 floor office – comprised of 21,000 square feet – was renovated in two phases which necessitated a series of staff swing moves between completed and under construction areas. Furthering the complexity of the project was the need to complete it on an aggressive schedule. We worked closely with the client and the designer in pre-construction to allocate the correct materials and identify long-lead wait times to accurately predict the


construction schedule. Material management, in addition to careful work sequencing, allowed our team to finish the project on time. The aesthetic of the space, in tune with our national program, is very open-concept and tech friendly. The space is decorated with high-end millwork and wood finishes and is supported by myriad of meeting rooms, conference areas and staff  serveries. We  are very proud of the result of this project, especially with this being one of Rogers’ first offices in Western Canada.