Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 91,000
  Market Sector: Communications
  Architect/Designer: HOK
  Electrical Engineer: HIdI Rae
  Mechanical Engineer: HIdI Rae

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In 2015, Govan Brown was retained by Rogers to renovate a 3 storey, 1 million square foot warehouse in Brampton into their new offices. The Rogers Sharespace project was completed in multiple phases of roughly 80,000 – 90,000 square feet each. The new concept was built in order to provide journeying Rogers’ employees a hub space to work in while on the road, or between a home office and a client or customer destination.The construc- tion progression was separated into phases, and while roughly 90,000 sq.ft.


was being renovated, the other areas remained occupied. A large portion of the scope included installing under-slab mechanical and electrical work and the construction of multiple raised structural mezzanine areas with stairs and balustrades. Having completed the initial segment of work, our team began the first few phases which included overhauling existing cafeteria space and constructing several new food islands complete with kitchen exhaust and fire suppression systems, a green wall, new back-of-house food prepara-

tion areas. Meanwhile, renovations to the office included the installation of new millwork, wood veneered trellis structures that span above all major corridors, movable modular walls, coffee corners, connect booths, connect zones and phone booth meeting rooms, all designed with the same avant-garde aesthetic intended to be both practical and innovative. Along with these specialty features is a state-of-the art audio-visual presence that can be felt throughout the space.