Govan Brown


 rogers relocation
 535 7th avenue sw, calgary, ab

  Square Footage: 22,500
  Market Sector: Broadcasting and Entertainment
  Architect/Designer: Stantec

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Located in the centre of downtown Calgary is the site of Rogers’ newly-relocated broadcast studio.  Govan Brown was retained to complete an occupied renovation of the space while allowing the studio to function on a daily basis.  The studio, which broadcasts Calgary’s most popular breakfast news program, was acquired by Rogers and required new suites for their growing staff.  The project began with a prompt pre-construction phase. It was decided early that the project was to be completed in two phases and much time would be dedicated to circumventing the space’s daily operations, which included a consistent broad-

casting schedule between 5am to 10pm; sporadic filming for television specials and advertisements. The scope of the occupied renovation included building six studios, divided amongst three floors for both television editing and radio. To lower construction costs, our team creatively re-used lighting and flooring materials.  Meanwhile, the bulk of the project attention was paid to noise mitigation between studios.  As such, our team erected special acoustic rated partitions to reduce the amount of sound travelling between spaces. Considering the age of the building, and after 25 years of neglect, our team was challenged with reorienting

electrical data systems which which had not been properly maintained. To further complicate the process, the high profile site was located in the centre of downtown, arguably the most congested area of the city.  Govan Brown and Rogers have partnered on many successfull projects across Canada in the past.  Our team’s diligent foresight and planning allowed the studio to operate without fail while also being completed on time.