Govan Brown


 rbc maple winnipeg

 220 portage avenue, winnipeg, mb

  Square Footage: 35,575
  Market Sector: Financial
  Architect/Designer: Dialog
  Electrical Engineer: Dialog
  Mechanical Engineer: Dialog

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Govan Brown was retained by RBC to complete the interior build-out of two locations within 220 Portage Avenue in downtown Winnipeg. The first location, comprised of the ground floor, second, and sixteenth floors, was completed in two phases. The first phase was focused on the ground and second floor which was completed in the course 12 weeks and was comprised 25,000 square feet while the second phase was dedicated to completing the 10,000 square foot 16th floor over a similar period 12 weeks. What made this project difficult was our navigation of the occupied space which, thanks to the efforts of our team, was done

without disturbing the productivity of the staff. A primary task allotted to our group was to perform asbestos abatement for certain floors prior to construction. Afterwards we took certain areas of each floor back to base, replacing the HVAC and sprinkler systems throughout the office. The demolition, which had to be done without the presence of RBC employees, necessitated that we displace employees into swing space. This highly orchestrated process required that 180 employees be placed in temporary work areas in phases while construction was completed.  Aesthetics  were  also very important, and of the cosmetic upgrades

installed, the following were perhaps the most notable; feature and accent walls; reclaimed millwork, elm in most locations; wood veneered walls behind the reception desk; custom glazing in the entrances and private offices; kitchens with banquet seating, serveries and a mural, and a large twenty person boardroom complete with vivid AV features. This large office branch combination is one of many RBC Maple projects that Govan Brown has completed in the Prairie Provinces. Other locations include Kildonan and Boissevain.