Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 830,000
  Market Sector:  Financial
  Architect/Designer: Figure3
  Electrical Engineer: Mulvey & Banani
  Mechanical Engineer: TMP Consulting Engineers
  Landlord: Cadillac Fairview

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In 2008, Govan Brown was awarded by way of competitive RFP process, the rights to complete RBC/RBC Dexia’s tenant fit-up in the newly constructed RBC Centre. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the new RBC Centre is a new LEED office tower with 1.2 million rentable square feet, 830,000 of whom belong to both RBC and RBC Dexia. Although the RBC/RBC Dexia had separate lease agreements, Govan Brown was retained to complete both fit-ups. Govan Brown accomplished many feats during the RBC/RBC Dexia project. We were able to maintain compulsory LEED standards throughout the const-

ruction of 22 floors, earning us a LEED Gold certification. Included in the project scope for the space were many floors dedicated to traditional office amenities, specialty traders area, rooftop terrace, upgraded AV features, an elegant glass lightning art piece on the 10th floor executive area and internally cooled trader’s desks. All of these features were constructed whilst the base-building construction was still being completed. In order to circumvent impediments with the landlord and base-building contractor, we arranged for specific hoisting and crane delivery times in the pre-construction phase. Additional pre-construction

focus was  paid  to  eventual  phased  occupancy.  Once  we finished a floor and handed it over to the client, we had to ensure that our work did not disrupt their staff and if it did, we halted our work immediately and resumed at a later time. In the midst of the construction process there was a City of Toronto strike which we capably navigated by documenting our process diligently. After the strike ended, we were not penalized because all of our submitted documentation was in order. RBC and Govan Brown have maintained a long partnership due to our mutual excellence in our respective fields.