Govan Brown

 rbc concourse winnipeg

 220 portage avenue, winnipeg, mb

  Square Footage: 6,000
  Market Sector: Financial
  Architect/Designer: Dialog
  Electrical Engineer: Dialog
  Mechanical Engineer: Dialog

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Located in the underground concourse of 220 Portage Avenue is a RBC branch that Govan Brown completed in 4 phases over the course of 12 weeks while construction on an RBC Maple project was simultaneously occurring on the first floor. The concourse project proved to be unique as it could only be built after hours. Our team's main objective throughout the construction of this space was to complete the project without impeding the day-to-day activities of the branch. To complete this renovation, work was scheduled to take place exclusively after hours

and on weekends. The space also had to be clean and debris free by 7 am when employees arrive and the day's business began This proved to be a difficult task as one of the key renovation projects was to replace roughly 2,000 square feet of porcelain floor tile, which made up the majority of the office. Deliveries also proved difficult as the building was built over 40 years ago and the freight delivery elevators were not properly equipped to handle the requirements of modern construction needs, deliveries to the concourse proved to be especially cumbersome. These obstacles were 

overcome by tentative communication with the building's facility managers and representatives as well as the cooperation of trades. The goal of the renovation was to update the finishes of the facility and align them with the rebranding aesthetics of other RBC branches. In addition to replacing the floor, our crew oversaw the installation of new millwork, paint, signage, fixtures, and the renovation of two offices, just to name a few improvements. We have become a preferred contractor of RBC and are currently engaged in multiple projects occurring across Canada.