Govan Brown

 philips canlyte

  Square Footage: 6,000
  Market Sector: Manufacturing
  Architect/Designer: SDI Interior Design
  Electrical Engineer: MMM Group
  Mechanical Engineer: MMM Group

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In 2011, Philips Canlyte approached Govan Brown to consolidate two of their locations into a single, 6,000 square foot space in Mississauga. The encompassing renovation would include most aspects of spatial orientation and aesthetic presentation. Philips Canlyte desired a space that was appropriate and could compete with the best electronic companies. Included in the design was, as mentioned before, a new orientation of the location’s space. It was necessary to

include a new reception area, open workstations and private offices. Other amenities included meeting and training rooms as well as boardrooms. Another feature, unique to the Philips Canlyte facility, is the lab space that was constructed. This space was included so they could test and perform quality control on their products in-house. The project was also outfitted with Philips’ own lighting fixtures which, like their office, were very sophisticated. Impressively, our team was able to

construct the project in less than 2 months from the initial preconstruction date and Philips’ moved in without issue. A majority of the construction projects that Govan Brown acquires are renovations designed to improve the quality of a company’s space. As was the case with Philips Canlyte, they desired an office that could compare to the best in their industry and we were happy to deliver a space that exceeded their expectations.