Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 45,321
  Market Sector: Food & Beverage
  Architect/Designer: Scassera Meschino
  Electrical Engineer: Manual Jordeao
  Mechanical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Mechanical Engineer: The Mitchell Partnership
  Landlord: Menkes Property Management

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Residing in the Aerocentre V development in Mississauga, are Pepsico’s new offices. Upon leasing the space, Govan Brown was awarded the task of building-out the site into an office space. The project, which was a LEED-certified expedition, was awarded to Govan Brown three weeks before the project’s start date; our team was asked to work quickly. The 45,321 square foot space required an extensive amount of work.  To begin with,  it was necessary for us to order the long-

lead items well  in advaance while temporary electrical requirements had to be met. Included in the construction was the design and fabrication of a new reception area, open and closed offices, boardrooms, training and computer rooms, a staff kitchen and cafeteria, product displays, high-end millwork, glazing, glass office fronts, drywall ceilings, high-end fixtures and cooling systems for the LAN rooms and UPS systems. All had to be done while maintaining LEED 

standards.  Despite our tough schedule we  were  able  to complete the project on time while also providing a waste diversion rate of 96.57%.  The Pepsico project was a testament to Govan Brown’s resourcefulness. Despite unmitigated challenges, our teams have a consistent ability to organize and rearrange tasks in order to successfully sequence the completion of work. We were happy to provide a world class company like Pepsico with a world class space.