Govan Brown

 Penguin random house

 320 front street west, toronto

  Square Footage: 52,000
  Market Sector: Publisher
  Architect/Designer: Figure 3
  Landlord: H&R Property Management

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Penguin Random House Retained Govan Brown in 2014 to build a large space in downtown Toronto that would act as a consolidating space for multiple offices that had leases expiring the following year. The newly acquired space amounted to 52,000 square feet spread across 3 floors, two of which are connected by a new internal staircase. Millwork was a large component for the office; in fact, the modern space is decorated by a complex millwork piece that runs vertically from the 12th floor to the 14th floor (there is no 13th floor) and 

laterally through  the 14th floor space to the lobby. The project's ambitious features don't end with the elaborate cosmetic work, as the Penguin Random House office is outfitted with practical areas and support systems. To support the vast employee base, a full data centre was installed. The system is supported by pump systems and glycol loops for temperature control. Another special area was the new digital sound recording studio. Entirely cladded in acoustic panels, from the doors, walls to the ceiling, the studio is avai-

lable to Penguin employees that need to record any number of media projects. Other features include open workstations, closed work stations, conference and meeting rooms, and dining areas. The project was completed on an accelerated schedule as the lease  for one of Penguin's former locations expired May 31st, 2015. Had the project been delayed, our team had planned for alternate staging arrangements, but thanks to diligent foresight and completing the project on schedule, the swing space was not necessary.