Govan Brown

  pearson vue surrey

 15127 100th avenue, surrey, bc

  Square Footage: 3,000
  Market Sector: Technology
  Architect/Designer: Reprise Design

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Govan Brown has been at the helm of a national tenant improvement program for Pearson VUE testing centers. In British Columbia, our Govan Brown West team was responsible for the fit-out that occurred at Pearson's Surrey location, thirty minutes outside of downtown Vancouver. In addition to building the 3,000 square foot space, our team had to navigate some challenges of working with an American client that required imported specialty equipment. The Pearson

project  was conducted on an accelerated timeline, which warranted ordering the American Equipment on a long-lead basis. Furthermore, our client had specific purchasing agreements with the vendors which necessitated their use. Before it could be installed, the equipment had to be tested and verified as legitimate for British Columbia's set of standards. Many of these products addressed security, which is paramount to Pearson's successful operation and fraud prevention. 

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the project was the install of a palm vein reader. The futuristic piece of technology is able to accurately identify specific people by scanning the veins on their palm, granting and restricting access to certain areas based on the scan. The successful completion of the project has set the tone for the national program. Thanks to the positive efforts of our Vancouver team, lessons learnt will benefit the construction of other locations