Govan Brown



  Square Footage: 5,382
  Market Sector:  Institutional/Government
  Architect/Designer: SDI Design
  Electrical Engineer: MMM Group
  Mechanical Engineer: MMM Group
  Landlord: CresaPartners

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Since its foundation in 1894, Ontario Good Roads Association has been dedicated to improv-ing roads for all Ontario citizens. Founded in an era where horse and buggy were the leading means of transportation, OGRA has evolved immensely from its origins and has become a leading contributor to the infrastructure of the heartland province. In 2011, OGRA retained Govan Brown to renovate their newly leased space in Oakville. With a construction schedule of six weeks, our construction  team  was  challenged  to  renovate  an entire office in a limited  amount of time. Considering

the aggressive schedule, the project scope was fairly large. Included in the construction was the installation of new HVAC distribution systems, a new ceiling grid and new partitions work. Vital to the success of this project lay in proper work sequencing. First of all, it was necessary that plumbing rough-in was completed prior to installing the ceiling grid. After the ceiling was in place, the partition layout was completed. It was determined early on  that  mechanical  tenders were to be closed  early  to ensure rough-in work was completed to adhere to schedule. Appropriate sequencing of

trades and material delivery resulted in the punctual completion of this detailed project. Precision in the pre-construction phase was vital for the successful completion of the OGRA project. In partnership with our trades and identifying long-lead items, our team was able to properly sequence construction and installation and as a result, ensure a satisfactory result for the client.