Govan Brown


  Square Footage: 44,000
  Market Sector:  Health & Sciences
  Architect/Designer: NXL Architects
  Electrical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Mechanical Engineer: Smith & Andersen
  Landlord: MaRS Discovery District

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Toronto’s MaRS Centre was created to unite science and technology with industry and capital. Located in the heart of the Discorvery district, MaRS retained Govan Brown as construction managers to build-out the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and the Structural Genomics Consortium on the 5-8 floors of the MaRS complex. Begun in 2007, the 44,000 square foot space was constructed adjacent to an occupied space – guided by a strict schedule. Given the strict schedule and distinct sector of the project, it was crucial that key lead items were ordered well  in advanced. Items such

as lab-grade compartment units, compressors and rooftop  strobic fans were pre-ordered months prior to their  installation. Furthermore, hoisting and installing the  specialty equipment required a significant amount  of preparation and coordination. To properly insert the large equipment, our team had to create  an opening in the building’s envelope, hoist the equipment into place via crane, then repair the large opening.  The project scope also included major mechanical and electrical work in the form of a newly installed lab  system.  After  the  initial  5th floor was completed,  

Govan Brown was asked to renovate the existing labs on the 6-8th floors. For these floors, our team creatively reused and repurposed much of the existing lab space to suit the needs of the client. Despite an aggressive 14-week schedule, our team was able to punctually complete the project. Our ability to navigate future impediments identified in the pre-construction phase; use of sequential tendering and procurement of specialty long-lead items, allowed us to hand over this highly detailed space.